About me

My name is Janez Kukec - Mezek. I was born some time ago (1956) in the ancient town Ptuj in Slovenia and now I live in another ancient town Kamnik, also in Slovenia

I am a chemist by profession and I am working at the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office.

I am a member of Photoclub Ljubljana in Ljubljana.

Of course, I have a wife and two sons (Miha and Gasper) and, of course, they have their homepages as well.

I am an amateur photographer who started with this activity in the secondary school. The secondary school gave me knowledge of print making, but not much other. That is why I am trying to find as much literature as possible to educate myself in the field of photography. At the beginning it ment books, hundreds of them, or magazines, while now I am relying mostly on internet and possibilities it offers. I am always trying to learn as much as possible from other works and sometimes I have a feelling, it really works.

Although it is probably not evident from galleries I posted here, my real true love is black and white photography which led me to infrared photography in the last two years. However, I am still lost in the mystery of infrared, specially when I am working with Kodak HIE. It is a little easier working with Ilford SFX for me, since I love this film also when used as a normal B & W film. OK, I know that it is not a real infrared film, but  results are much more predictable as with Kodak and, from time to time, I also need useful prints.

The last four years I have been spending a lot of my time  photographing old city lamps. With the first print I made in Luzern in May 1988 started my interest in these parts of "city furniture". Later on I tried to find interesting lamps and specially their shadows everywhere I  travelled. It is funny, but my last photographs feature only shadows of lamps. Who knows what will be next?

Another field I have been trying to work on for all these years is a photograph of a nude body. Here my results are very changing. Sometimes quite good and sometimes terrible.

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